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New forum features!
« on: November 08, 2015, 08:49:16 PM »
It's been a while! There's still a lot of work needed until the community is where I want it. In the mean-time, I will be spending a great deal of time perfecting the forums. I did get around to drawing up some fresh smileys to support our main character, Comik! I will be adding more from time-to-time, but it's not a high-priority at the moment.  ;D

I'd like to send out a HUGE THANK-YOU to Chris Senn and his community. It was nearly 10 years ago I joined those forums and it eventually inspired me to create this community. Chris is a dedicated indie developer who has worked on many industry games. Unfortunately, he is closing down his forums. Fortunately-- It's to venture into his own business! You guys should definitely check out his forums while they're still up and I will most definitely be writing an article on this man and his future endeavors.

I am currently working on Facebook integration to hopefully help more people join in the community. Ultimately, I want to create an easy way for members to post updates on their projects on all social media, simply by making a post here. In other, but slightly related new, there is a Facebook page at: I will be focusing on growing that userbase on top of this, so I appreciate ANY help I can get. If you have any suggestions to help me, or help me get help, that would be helpful.  :oh_yeah_crazy:

Keep em' coming guys. Without people, there's no community! Let's make it strong!

   - Tulloch