Composer looking for paid projects.

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Composer looking for paid projects.
« on: August 16, 2016, 11:40:42 PM »

    Hello there. I am Simon DLSea and I am a freelance composer and musician (Flute). I come from a long line of musicians, both my grandfathers played music by ear. My paternal grandfather could play any instrument he touched. Except for the piano. My maternal grandfather could play one instrument only. By ear. Guess what it was?
    Thatís right, the piano!

    All my life, music has been a huge part of me. From the very first time I listened to beloved video game music from Super Mario Bros 3 from the NES, I was hooked.
    I have roughly 9 years of musical composing experience. I specialize in adventure and RPG type game soundtracks. Some of my greatest inspirations/influences are Koji Kondo (Mario, Zelda) , Jun Ishikawa (Kirby) Nobuo Uematsu, Loreena McKennitt, Aivi Tran, and Earth, Wind, and Fire.

    I'd love to work with projects whose developers are serious about project completion. (I am looking to make a profit.)

    My only things: I don't do fan projects and I don't do projects with clear 18+ content.

    Having said that, here is a portfolio demo of all my styles, ranging from very RPG to... church cathedral to cutesy and over the top... to island exotic and everything in between!

    Thank you and enjoy. I look forward to working with people! If you are interested, please drop me a line:

    Music Demo: